Builders Supply Company, inc.
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Reinforcing Steel

Builders Supply Reinforcing Steel Department is ready to meet your construction needs. We offer a complete line of concrete reinforcing steel for commercial, industrial, bridges, highways, streets, residential and other projects of any size. We provide estimates, take offs, placement drawings, fabrication and delivery.

Our experienced detailers and estimators utilize the Applied System Associates (aSa) software for estimating, bar listing and CAD detailing. Our fabrication staff operates Schnell, RMS and KRB fabricating equipment to meet your specific fabrication needs.

Builders Supply stocks #3 through #6 grade 60 bars in 20’ and 40’ lengths. Bar sizes #7 through #11 are stocked in 40’ and 60’ length. We also offer #3 and #4 in Dual Grade (60/A706).

With our shear line, Table benders, Schnell Prima Plus and multiple loading bays, we provide the service you expect, and the quality control and attention to detail that you require throughout your project from initial bid to placing of the last bar.


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