Builders Supply Company, inc.
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Federal Courthouse

“The 24 month time frame to design and build a 28 million dollar structure depends on cooperation and expertise. The 14,000 yards of concrete it took to complete the project was coordinated in a manner that Brasfield & Gorrie had very minimum delays and downtime during the process of pumping and pouring with our crane. I want to say thank you to your sales department, quality control people, dispatchers, drivers, building supply department, and office personnel for the cooperation and courteous manner in which you conduct business.”
Gerald W. McCulley – Project Superintendant. Brasfield & Gorrie General Contractor

General Motors Assembly Plant

“Please accept our thanks for the excellent job Builders Supply Company did for us at the General Motors Assembly Plant in Shreveport. Builders Supply was very responsive and very cooperative in helping us accomplish some very difficult projects at the plant.”
Gary Ferris – Project Superintendant. Robert Bloomingdale – Project Manager. Commercial Contracting Corporation

Morris Dickson

“I want to thank the Builders Supply team for the work you all did for us on the Morris Dickson project. The supply of approximately 15,000 cubic yards of concrete was done with quality and professionalism. With a project of this size and the schedule we had to work with, we were happy to have you on our team.”
Jim Grant – Field Operations Coordinator. James N. Gray Company


Horseshoe Casino

“I send my thanks and appreciation for the great job Builder Supply did on the Horseshoe project. This was a fast track project with a schedule occasionally requiring work around the clock. The Builders Supply staff are to be congratulated on the special service you gave Brown Builders and our customer on this project. Once again you prove to he highly dependable and provided us with great service, without which we could not have met our commitment to our customer.”
B. Wayne Brown – President. Brown Builders, Inc.


“I want to thank Builders Supply for their excellent service and cooperation during the construction of our two facilities in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Intier Automotive Facility and the Oakley Sub-Assembly building were both fast track projects. Builders met our delivery demand and our quality requirements for excellent ready-mix material.”
Scott D. Wieland – Executive Vice President. The Wieland-Davco Company