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Concrete Saws

  • Husqvarna K760 - Can be used for a variety of cutting applications including curbstones and pavers in landscaping, metal/pipes in installation work, concrete in buildings as well as roadwork applications. 


Diamond Saw Blades

  • Diamond saw blades come in various dimensions as well as quality. We carry entry level to a 5 star diamond quality depending on your need.


Trowel Machine Blades

  • We only carry gold standard trowel machine blades at very competitive prices. We have many different variations depending on your trowel machine style.


Hand Trowels

  • We sell a variety of sizes of hand trowels, used for finishing concrete.


  • We sell a variety of edgers. These edgers are steel blades that move smoothly along edges of concrete roads and slabs.


Concrete Broom

  • We sell a variety of sizes with horsehair or polypropylene bristles. Commonly used for concrete finishing.



  • Comes in various lengths and widths with round or square edges. There are also many styles to chose from. From a paving screed to a fresno and anything in between. 


Variety of Small Construction Tools

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